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Coil Transfer Cart

A coil transfer cart, also known as a coil handling cart, is a specialized piece of equipment used in industrial settings to move and transport large coils of material, such as steel or aluminum. These carts are typically equipped with a set of rollers or wheels that allow them to move easily along a factory floor or other surface. Some carts are also equipped with special features, such as adjustable arms or clamps, that allow them to securely hold and maneuver the coils of material.

The carts can be designed to handle a variety of different coil sizes and weights, and they can also be customized to meet specific requirements of the application.

Coil transfer carts are used in many industries, including manufacturing, construction, and mining, and they can help improve efficiency and safety in the handling of heavy and bulky materials.

Overall, coil transfer carts are designed to make the handling of large coils of material easier, safer, and more efficient. They are a valuable tool for any company that regularly handles large amounts of material in coil form.


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Rail Powered Coil Cart

Rail powered coil transfer cart performs transfers on certain routes. It is produced as wireless powered, battery powered, cable drum or busbar fed. These carts are specially designed according to the coil groups to be transported.

Trackless Coil Transfer Cart

Trackless coil transfer cart allow coil transport operations to be carried out within the facility without distance limitation. Optionally, it can be produced in versions with 2 or 4 steered wheels. The version with 4 steered wheels has crab movement capability. These carts have battery power supply systems.

Custom Desing Coil Transfer Cart

Transfer cars are specially produced depending on the structure, weight and transport distance of the coil to be transported. For the most accurate solution, the needs must be well defined.

Coil Transfer Cart Videos

Videos of coil transfer carts prepared for different needs.